At things work differently than in any other online writing company. Thus,

here, customers place an order giving the following details:

  • Type of paper;
  • Subject area;
  • Topic;
  • Pages;
  • Deadline.

After this, the clients have to choose one writer – the one they consider to be the best for this

order. The client talks directly to the writer using the live chat. If everything goes well and

they agree on the price, the writer gets hired.

Then, the customer has the possibility of seeing live how the writer is creating the paper. The

order is paid gradually, for each part completed. After the order is finished, students have to

rate the writers.

These being said, customers can order any type of paper, as long as they find a writer willing

to complete it for a convenient amount of money and time.


The website states that the prices start at $7.5 per page. But if you think about it, the final

sums really depend on the writers. Some are demanding, asking for high quotes; while others

will complete a paper for small sums. The challenge is to find a balance between price and

quality, and to be able to get premium papers for affordable quotes.

Students can find public profiles of some of the writers. These contain essential information

like number of orders delivered, number of orders cancelled, customers’ reviews and ratings,

and the title of the papers completed. advices you to carefully choose a writer here, because they are freelancers,

not bound to complete your order to the end.

Discounts&free features

The website does not offer any discounts or free features. As a matter of fact, this depends

entirely on the writer chosen. Customers can negotiate the price and any possible discounts

and free features. If they are persuasive enough, maybe they will obtain a good deal.


Students can contact via e-mail or live chat. When we tried to talk to an agent,

the chat was offline, saying to leave a message. In order to do so, one has to provide a name,

e-mail address and a note.

But if you want to contact the writer, use the live chat especially designed for this. Make sure

that the person hired is online most of the times and that he can be reached in case of essay

writing emergencies. The wisest thing will be not to release the whole payment until you read

the whole paper and agree with it.

What is special about this service

The special thing about this online platform is that customers can find writing services at any

price. So there’s hope for anyone – both for the rich and the poor.

Also, the clients can see the writer typing the text. In this way, they can interfere immediately

if something is not right. It is like collaboration, leading to a custom paper. Furthermore, the

client pays only for the completed parts, thus being sure to receive something in return for his


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